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AtlasVote makes it super easy for you to set up an election and for your voters to cast their
votes. With a proven voting platform, we ensure your elections are secure, transparent, and

We strive to make your election process as simple as possible. Eliminate overcomplications with our straightforward election process.

  • Set up your election
  • Import and notify voters
  • Votes are collected
  • View your results

Self-Serve Platform

Our web-based platform allows you to manage every detail of your election, including custom logos, voter management, demo voting and more.

Customizable Ballots

Whether you want 1 winner or more, ranked voting, referendums or a plurality vote. Our platform allows you to customize each ballot to your specific needs.

Voter Notification

Send out voting instructions & Secure PINs to your voter roll with the click of a button, or to individual voters as needed.

Dynamic Voting

In dynamic election mode, you can create and update ballots, manage amendments and view results during your live election.

Weighted Votes

Our platform makes weighted voting simple, for all of your shareholder, HOA or other needs.

Proxy Codes

Voters can be provided with a secondary sharable PIN, allowing someone else to vote on their behalf.

Multi-round Elections

Conduct multiple rounds of voting, while customizing ballots and candidates in between rounds.

Audits & Fraud Detection

Ensure the integrity of your vote with our integrated security algorithms, all without compromising voter anonymity.

Mobile Friendly

Our mobile friendly voting platform allows your voters a clean and straightforward experience, increasing engagement.

How do Elections work?

AtlasVote Sample Client

Election Pricing

Pay for what you need with our tiered packages

$149 CAD$0.80 / voter
  • Up to 250 Voters
  • Invite up to 2 Additional Users
  • Can contain up to 5 Ballots
  • Includes Weighted Voting
$249 CAD$0.50 / voter
  • Up to 500 Voters
  • Invite up to 5 Additional Users
  • Can contain up to 10 Ballots
  • Includes Weighted Voting
  • Supports Proxy Votes
$449 CAD$0.20 / voter
  • Up to 1,000 Voters
  • Any number of Users
  • Any number of Ballots
  • Includes Weighted Voting
  • Supports Proxy Votes
  • Supports Run-off Voting
CustomRequest Quote
  • Any Election Options
  • Managed Elections
  • Custom Branding
  • Team Management
  • Custom Development
  • Virtual Training Available

Contact Us

We strive to make your election process as simple as possible

Who We Are

AtlasVote is a simple and secure web-based voting platform built to help administer every aspect of your election. Our platform is self-serve and easy to use, from voter management to result reporting.

    We don’t share your personal info with anyone. Check out our Privacy Policy for more information.