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Meeting Votes

Meeting Votes
Simple Online Voting for Your Meetings

Vote With Confidence
Configure AtlasVote to be the voting platform you need it to be in a wide variety of meeting
situations. Our ballots are customizable, so they can work for any type of election—whether you want 1 winner or more; ranked voting; referendums; or a plurality vote.

  • Set up your election
  • Import and notify voters
  • Votes are collected
  • View your results

Condominium Associations

Whether you have annual elections or need to decide on an HOA board, AtlasVote can handle all of your condominium association voting needs.

Lawyer Offices

Make voting easy in your law office with customizable ballots for every voting need, and bring your voting into the  21st century with online voting.

Homeowner Associations

Are you passionate about your HOA? From simple setup to viewing your results from one platform, AtlasVote is here to ensure your HOA election is as seamless as it can be.


Are you part of a national, section, or local union? AtlasVote makes voting easy for all types of unions.

Professional Associations

AtlasVote is the easiest online voting platform you will ever use in your professional, medical, or any other industry association.

Industry Associations

Get everyone in your industry association engaged with your local election by using AtlasVote to ensure the integrity of your vote.


Whether your clients are members of a yacht club, golf club, or any other type of sport or social club, AtlasVote can help your clients vote on referendums or more.


AtlasVote is the perfect solutions for all your Non-Profit voting needs. Our platform will ensure your members can vote with confidence on policies, strategy, and more to make you a successful nonprofit.

Other Industries

Organize a flawless election using our web-based online platform. Have a question?
Reach out to us to learn how AtlasVote can help your next election run smoothly.

How do Meeting Votes work?

Meeting Votes

We strive to make your election process as simple as possible. Eliminate over-complications with our straightforward election process.

  • Set up your election
  • Import and notify voters
  • Votes are collected
  • View your results

AtlasVote Sample Client

Meeting Votes Pricing

Pay for what you need with our tiered packages

$249 CAD$0.80 / voter
  • Up to 250 Voters
  • Invite up to 5 Additional Users
  • Can contain up to 25 Ballots
  • Includes Weighted Voting
  • Supports Proxy Votes
  • Live ballot amendments
  • Live results


$399 CAD$0.50 / voter
  • Up to 500 Voters
  • Invite up to 10 Additional Users
  • Can contain up to 50 Ballots
  • Includes Weighted Voting
  • Supports Proxy Votes
  • Live ballot amendments
  • Live results
$749 CAD$0.20 / voter
  • Up to 1,000 Voters
  • Any number of Users
  • Any number of Ballots
  • Includes Weighted Voting
  • Supports Proxy Votes
  • Multi-round Voting
  • Live ballot amendments
  • Live results
CustomRequest Quote
  • Any Election Options
  • Managed Elections
  • Custom Branding
  • Team Management
  • Custom Development
  • Virtual Training Available

Contact Us

We strive to make your election process as simple as possible

Our Mission
Our goal is to make your election process quick and painless.
● Remove Complicated Setups
● Handle Voter Interactions
● Increase Security & Transparency

Our Approach
We recognize that each election has its own needs, so we want to provide you with the tools that can help make your unique voting process a success.

Our team will help by setting you up with a solution that has all the features that are right for your election.

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