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Getting Started

Welcome to AtlasVote, we’ve put together a couple guides
to help get your election up and running in no time.

Workspaces Guide

Enterprise clients usually operate within a workspace. This provides options to purchase and manage a higher volume of elections, in addition to inviting team members who can manage elections on your behalf.

Election Process Guide

The election process can be as hands-off or as involved as you need. This section pertains to information on controlling the general flow of your election process (Starting vote early, Extending voting window, etc).

Voter Notification Guide

Voters that have been added to your election can be sent their voting instructions and secure PINs directly from AtlasVote. If you need help understanding the notification process, this guide can help.

Managing Voters Guide

Not sure how to get your voter list into AtlasVote? Need to make a change to voter details once they are in? Modifying voters during the vote? This guide will help you to understand how voters work.

Election Ballots Guide

Every ballot you add to your election is configurable, with options that include ranked voting, referendums, and plurality votes, adjustable winners and voter selections, and enabling voters to abstain from voting.

Multi-round Elections Guide

We’ve built our AtlasVote platform to support the ability for elections to be conducted over multiple dynamic rounds of voting. Whether you want a two-round runoff or something entirely unique, this guide can help you set up your election.

User Access Guide

Need help managing your election? This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about inviting other users to manage your election.

Election Results Guide

The most important part of the vote is the collection and delivery of secure, anonymous, and accurate election results. This guide will show you the various ways in which you can access your results.

General Help

Looking for something not covered under one of our other guides? We’ve assembled various helpful information here.